Benefits of Greenhouse Grown Delphinium

Growing delphinium in the open fields creates problems in production reliability. Farmers are faced with unstable weather conditions including excessive rain and strong winds that may topple taller plants. These and other obstacles interrupt crop cycles and make product reliability difficult to gauge.

What’s the solution to this problem? Bring delphinium crops in-house to a greenhouse! By protecting plants from the elements, greenhouse grown crops yield higher productions, thus increasing fulfillment of orders.

We recently began growing Rio Blue Delph in greenhouses. In order to protect crops from the elements and provide consist air flow, our delphinium greenhouses have no covered walls. Today, 80% of Rio Blue is greenhouse grown and since the implementation of this method, farmers have seen marked improvement in crop cycles and are able to better manage production. This consistency in production translates to a reliable source of delphinium. Moreover, greenhouse grown Rio Blue feature these benefits:

  • Longer spikes
  • More blooms per spike
  • Minimal shedding
  • Deeper and more vibrant color

Currently, we are the largest and only greenhouse Rio Blue Delphinium grower in Ecuador and because the farm sits higher than most (at 10,000 feet elevation) the nights are cooler and better for growing delphinium.

We urge you to share these facts with your customers and try Rio Delphinium today!

How else can you increase order reliability? Pre-book all your products! Learn more about Rio Roses Regular Weekly Order Program and call your Sales Consultant to lock in your product order for Rio Delphinium.

Re-Connect with your Customer

Re-connect with your CustomerWhen was the last time you looked at the sales trend of your best customers?  First, you have to be aware of where you stand with all your customers. Your sales associates have to know the numbers and ask for help when they have no answer. You may say, we don’t have the time, and to that I say: can you really afford not to find the time?

Questions to ask your customers:

  • Do we have what you need to help your business make money – product selection, prices, quality, service, timely information?
  • Is our sales associate offering the service you require?
  • Is the product meeting and exceeding your expectations?
  • Is some other supplier treating you better?
  • Do your sales associates like selling our products and services?
  • How are your needs changing?  Are we changing fast enough to meet your needs?
  • Were we there for you during the holidays when you really needed us to come through?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rank our service?  Our product selection? Etc.

The answers to these questions will tell you what’s necessary in order to re-gain sales from that good customer.  You see, COMMUNICATION is the cure to most ills. Are your sales associates good enough to ask these types of questions to customers when they see a downward trend? Or do we just accept that business is down? No matter what, your customers’ answers to these questions will be informative.

Chances are nothing is wrong but the day to day whirlwind took your eyes off the ball and the game just slipped away. So why not make the effort to understand and listen to your best customers to find the cure?  Information is the key to great business relationships. Never quit and keep asking the right questions.

We are in a great industry with great people selling a product that brings joy to whomever receives flowers. Your customers need great suppliers with great information so they can make great decisions. 

Re-connect with your best customers, exchange questions to understand, then create the solutions based on the answers and share the information needed to help your business move forward. This business is built on relationships. Use your once great relationship to get your sales back by Re-Connecting.

From Raul Marrero, SVP Farm Sourcing and QC at Equiflor Corporation.

Rio Roses Mother’s Day Video Contest Help Guide

WIN Rio Roses for your mom!The 2011 Rio Roses Mother’s Day Video Contest is well on its way and you haven’t submitted a video? Let me help you!

“HELP! I don’t know what to film!”

Use the following questions as a guideline:

  • What is one of the most memorable moments with her?
  • What is the best piece of advice she has given you?
  • What is one quality she has that no one else does? What makes her unique or special?
  • What is her favorite flower and why?
  • What else makes her extraordinary?

Use photos to tell your story.

Stupeflix  provides a simple way to turn photos (yes, you have access to all your Facebook photos!) into fantastic videos! Registering is free and the platform is easy to use. (Note: there is a nominal fee of $3.00 for video download)  

“HELP! I don’t have a video camera!” 

Use your smart phone to shoot and edit your video.

Both platforms offer a vast array of paid and free apps you can download to make your videos pop.

Use a digital camera to capture your video.

Save it to your computer then upload it to the Rio Roses Facebook page.

Use a webcam to capture your video.

Save it to your computer, and then upload to the contest page.

“HELP! Do you know of some editing programs?”

Use a desktop tool like iMovie for Mac or Microsoft Movie Maker for simple editing.

YouTube offers at several FREE video editing options; you can even create your own animated video!

Creating an account is free and simple and you can submit your final project to directly to our contest page via YouTube  

There are numerous video editing apps for Android and iPhone devices.

Use an online editing program like JayCut.

Do you a specific question? Don’t worry, I can help you. Contact Marcia via email at or call me at 305-594-4445 ext. 3182.

How to Make your Wedding Orders Pay Dividends

Just as a marriage is a lifetime partnership look at weddings as a lifelong partnership with your customer. Wedding orders are one of the most profitable events for a retail florist. Most retailers know how challenging a wedding might be, but when the wedding is done right, it can benefit the retailer for years to come.

Here are some of the add-on benefits that many retailers might overlook:

  • This is the opportunity for a retailer to showcase their business.
  • A happy bride and groom will be delighted to refer their friends to your retail business!
  • That bride and groom that you just provided beautiful flowers for their wedding will hopefully have many happy anniversaries for many years to come.
  • How are you capturing that information in your database so that you are reminding the bride and the groom that their anniversary is coming up (maybe a week or two before the actual date?
  • Both the bride and the groom have birthdays. How have you captured that information?
  • What about Valentine’s Day and all other holidays?
  • What about the in-laws? When are their birthdays and anniversaries?

Bottom Line

The more you learn about your customers (do you have customer profiles on every customer?) and the better you are at recording the information you gather, the more money you will add to your bottom line… Year after year after year!

Barry Gottlieb is the Sales Director at Equiflor Corp. and the founder of the Winners Edge Organization and Coaching Program. He is both a life and a business coach with a successful practice offering counsel and guidance to individuals and corporations. Visit his blog at

Tips for Writing a Good Mother’s Day Ad

How many times have you seen a Mother’s Day advertisement that said something like “Don’t forget your Mother’s Day flowers,” or “Buy Mom Flowers for Mother’s Day”? Does it catch your attention? Does it make you want to buy your Mom flowers? Probably not.

If a florist plans to invest time and money into advertising, it is critical that the ads grab the consumer’s attention. That’s where effective copywriting comes in.

To develop good copy, let’s first look at what’s wrong with the lines “Don’t forget your Mother’s Day flowers” or “Buy Mom Flowers for Mother’s Day.” The problem is that these lines are very generic. You can very easily replace ‘Mother’s Day’ with any other holiday. Don’t forget your Easter flowers. Buy Mom Flowers for Christmas. Mother’s Day is a unique holiday that’s about someone’s special relationship with their mom. When consumer’s look for the right gift to buy mom for Mother’s Day, their purchasing decisions are often emotionally driven. Generic copy does not express emotion and it won’t capitalize on the motivation of the buyer.

The key to attention-grabbing copy is to tap into this emotional connection. For inspiration, think about the relationship between you and your mom. What are some of your first memories? What kind of things did your mom teach you? How has your mom taken care of you when you were sick or upset? What activities do you and your mom enjoy doing together? I’m sure your mind is racing with good thoughts! Put these thoughts on paper and use them to develop your Mother’s Day ad.

Here are some good examples highlighted by Atlanta-based copywriter and marketing strategist Linda Morse. “Imagine a retailer was having a big Mother’s Day sale and used signage that read “Who taught you to save in the first place?” This theme could be carried throughout the store so that, in perfumes, the signs would read “Why do you think her fragrance is still with you 30 years later?” Or in soaps and lotions: “Remember who taught you what cleanliness was closest to?” These lines are well thought out and appeal to the emotional side of a consumer.

And don’t forget about the beauty of flowers! When developing your Mother’s Day ad, use emotion and position flowers as the best way for consumers to connect with the special moms in their lives.

If your advertising stands out and you back it up with great flowers and excellent service, you will have an outstanding Mother’s Day holiday!

This post was written by Marc Blatchley, Marketing Director at  Rio Roses.

Tips for Maximum Performance from your Roses

Our Quality Control Manager, Giovanny Aguirre, shares his recommendations for proper care and handling of roses.  Follow these tips:Quality Control at Rio Roses


  • Leave hard plastic inner rose sleeve intact around the roses.
  • Strip only the foliage that will fall below the solution level.
  • Use only clean buckets, have clean buckets prepared with a cold water hydration solution, cold water means as cold as your cooler temperature, not cold tap water. This can be achieved by filling your buckets the night before and placing in the cooler overnight.


  • After the roses are prepared for processing, cut 1.5 to 2 inches off the bottom of the bunch in cold water (make sure that the water is fresh and changed often).
  • Place immediately into a cold water hydration solution.


  • The amount of time the roses spend in the hydration solution depends on what brand of hydration solution is being used. Read directions on the product that you are using.
  • Move roses immediately inside the cooler.

** Note: Quick Dip is not a long term hydration solution, but it does help open up the vascular system of the rose and kills bacteria around the stems (stem sanitizer). Be careful because Quick Dip promotes opening.

Move roses to a flower food solution

  • After the appropriate hydration time has been reached, your Rio Roses are hydrated and ready to go into the arrangement’s solution with a full load food or into a holding solution with a partial load food.
  • Remove the inner sleeve which will allow airflow that will help dry up any moisture on the blooms.

Making the arrangements

  • A full load flower food solution has the maximum amount of food to encourage the roses to open, bloom and mature. This solution should be used in all vases and soaking of all foam for outgoing arrangements, examples are Floralife’s Original Powder, Crystal Clear and Pokon & Chrysal’s Professional #3. Think of these solutions as vase solutions.


  • Make sure all solutions are mixed and dosed correctly.
  • Too little and the solution will be too weak/Too much and the solution can “burn” the roses.

When refilling containers use the appropriate solution, do not use plain water.

Do you have any other tips we did not mention in this post? Post your comments below!

Orange roses on Valentine’s Day Fashion Show

Welcome to the last day of our video series, “Valentine’s Day Fashion Show.” Today, we feature Rio Oranges.

We want to thank everyone for watching our video series and we want to know what you think! Where these videos helpful? What would you like to see more or less of? Post your comments below.

We also created a downloadable PDF file with images and descriptions of all the roses featured in the videos. Download Valentine’s Day Rose Variety Guide.

Watch our full series by episode:

Yellow roses on Valentine’s Day Fashion Show

Don’t forget your friends this Valentine’s Day! In today’s episode of our video series, “Valentine’s Day Fashion Show,” Raul Marrero discusses Yellow, Lavender, and Bi-Color roses.

So many roses, so little time… Be sure to come back tomorrow for the last episode of this series and who knows, there may even be a link to a freebie download…

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Pink Roses on Valentine’s Day Fashion Show

Welcome back to day 3 of our Rio Roses video series “Valentine’s Day Fashion Show.” Today we feature Light Pinks, Hot Pinks, Novelty Pinks, and Pink Bi-Colors. Need a great substitute for the sold-out Sweet Unique? Curious on what the best-selling hot pink variety is in Europe? Raul Marrero answers these questions and many more in this episode.

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Thanks for watching!

Rio Rose Fashion Show Features White Roses

Thanks for watching yesterday’s “Valentine’s Day Fashion Show” featuring Red roses.  Today we continue the Fashion Show with  White, Cream, Green and Bi-Color roses.  See the show-stopping rose varieties that are sure to please the pickiest of customers.

Have questions about any of these varieties? Post your questions or comments below!

Come back tomorrow where we will showcase popular Pink rose varieties available for this Valentine’s Day.