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The Five Gifts

From Barry’s weekly TGIT… The Five Gifts you give yourself to have the life you desire and deserve… One of my favorite seminars is entitled, The Five Gifts. I love sharing this seminar because it is all about you giving yourself five simple gifts that will change your life forever in a very positive way. […]

Post Valentine’s Day Tips

Take care of customers!  Follow up with non-deliveries or any customer complaints. Remove Valentine’s arrangement selections from your website.  Take down P.O.P. materials in your store, and put up clearance signs if applicable. Do a product/arrangement sales analysis ~ what colors of roses were the most popular ~ what arrangement styles did you sell the […]

Every Day is a Gift

From Barry’s weekly TGIT…. Every Day is a Gift… Is this statement something you can relate to? Do you relate to this statement, or do you take each day for granted like most people do? When you start your day, are you planning on having a great day, or are you settling for the kind […]

True Cost of Online Flowers

This is an interesting article that discusses the true cost of ordering flowers online.  Even more reasons to buy from a local florist! Read the article here.

‘Hand-y’ Valentine’s Day tips

How many flower arrangements will you make this week?  How many boxes of flowers will you handle and open?  Given this busy time of year in the flower industry, it is highly likely that you’re doing more than usual – which is fantastic!  But in all this Valentine’s Day chaos, don’t neglect one of your […]

Praise and Recognition

From Barry Gottlieb’s TGIT… Praise and recognition go a long way. When was the last time that someone told you how much they appreciated you? When was the last time you received recognition for a job well done? When was the last time you told someone they were appreciated and valued? Praise and recognition are […]

Consumers Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Most consumers plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day in some way this year.  According to a study by the National Retail Federation… …  almost 60% of adults will celebrate Valentine’s Day. … the average adult buyer will spend about $70 on their significant other or spouse. … 33% of adult males will make a purchase at […]

Create Value!

Bruce Hastings from Cleveland Plant & Flower Co. knows how important VALUE is.  Take a look at this article from his February newsletter.  Great job, Bruce! Greetings,  Ok, it’s February and time for a pop quiz. What is the largest volume flower holiday annually? Answer: Mother’s Day. What day does Mother’s Day fall on every […]

Valentine’s Day In Action!

Your Valentine’s Day flowers are in the best hands with Equiflor! These pics will take you on a our of our state-of-the-art, 40,000 square foot cooler .  See how we maximized for efficient shipping and receiving as well as optimal care and handling of your flowers.

Finish Strong!

Finish Strong…it’s more than a statement, it’s an attitude. When you combine the word “finish” with “strong,” you create a powerful platform for action. You often hear these two words from athletes as they describe their goals. The media uses these words to describe the performance of everything; from the stock market to stock car […]