Tips for Maximum Performance from your Roses

Our Quality Control Manager, Giovanny Aguirre, shares his recommendations for proper care and handling of roses.  Follow these tips:Quality Control at Rio Roses


  • Leave hard plastic inner rose sleeve intact around the roses.
  • Strip only the foliage that will fall below the solution level.
  • Use only clean buckets, have clean buckets prepared with a cold water hydration solution, cold water means as cold as your cooler temperature, not cold tap water. This can be achieved by filling your buckets the night before and placing in the cooler overnight.


  • After the roses are prepared for processing, cut 1.5 to 2 inches off the bottom of the bunch in cold water (make sure that the water is fresh and changed often).
  • Place immediately into a cold water hydration solution.


  • The amount of time the roses spend in the hydration solution depends on what brand of hydration solution is being used. Read directions on the product that you are using.
  • Move roses immediately inside the cooler.

** Note: Quick Dip is not a long term hydration solution, but it does help open up the vascular system of the rose and kills bacteria around the stems (stem sanitizer). Be careful because Quick Dip promotes opening.

Move roses to a flower food solution

  • After the appropriate hydration time has been reached, your Rio Roses are hydrated and ready to go into the arrangement’s solution with a full load food or into a holding solution with a partial load food.
  • Remove the inner sleeve which will allow airflow that will help dry up any moisture on the blooms.

Making the arrangements

  • A full load flower food solution has the maximum amount of food to encourage the roses to open, bloom and mature. This solution should be used in all vases and soaking of all foam for outgoing arrangements, examples are Floralife’s Original Powder, Crystal Clear and Pokon & Chrysal’s Professional #3. Think of these solutions as vase solutions.


  • Make sure all solutions are mixed and dosed correctly.
  • Too little and the solution will be too weak/Too much and the solution can “burn” the roses.

When refilling containers use the appropriate solution, do not use plain water.

Do you have any other tips we did not mention in this post? Post your comments below!

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