Tips for Writing a Good Mother’s Day Ad

How many times have you seen a Mother’s Day advertisement that said something like “Don’t forget your Mother’s Day flowers,” or “Buy Mom Flowers for Mother’s Day”? Does it catch your attention? Does it make you want to buy your Mom flowers? Probably not.

If a florist plans to invest time and money into advertising, it is critical that the ads grab the consumer’s attention. That’s where effective copywriting comes in.

To develop good copy, let’s first look at what’s wrong with the lines “Don’t forget your Mother’s Day flowers” or “Buy Mom Flowers for Mother’s Day.” The problem is that these lines are very generic. You can very easily replace ‘Mother’s Day’ with any other holiday. Don’t forget your Easter flowers. Buy Mom Flowers for Christmas. Mother’s Day is a unique holiday that’s about someone’s special relationship with their mom. When consumer’s look for the right gift to buy mom for Mother’s Day, their purchasing decisions are often emotionally driven. Generic copy does not express emotion and it won’t capitalize on the motivation of the buyer.

The key to attention-grabbing copy is to tap into this emotional connection. For inspiration, think about the relationship between you and your mom. What are some of your first memories? What kind of things did your mom teach you? How has your mom taken care of you when you were sick or upset? What activities do you and your mom enjoy doing together? I’m sure your mind is racing with good thoughts! Put these thoughts on paper and use them to develop your Mother’s Day ad.

Here are some good examples highlighted by Atlanta-based copywriter and marketing strategist Linda Morse. “Imagine a retailer was having a big Mother’s Day sale and used signage that read “Who taught you to save in the first place?” This theme could be carried throughout the store so that, in perfumes, the signs would read “Why do you think her fragrance is still with you 30 years later?” Or in soaps and lotions: “Remember who taught you what cleanliness was closest to?” These lines are well thought out and appeal to the emotional side of a consumer.

And don’t forget about the beauty of flowers! When developing your Mother’s Day ad, use emotion and position flowers as the best way for consumers to connect with the special moms in their lives.

If your advertising stands out and you back it up with great flowers and excellent service, you will have an outstanding Mother’s Day holiday!

This post was written by Marc Blatchley, Marketing Director at  Rio Roses.

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