How to Make your Wedding Orders Pay Dividends

Just as a marriage is a lifetime partnership look at weddings as a lifelong partnership with your customer. Wedding orders are one of the most profitable events for a retail florist. Most retailers know how challenging a wedding might be, but when the wedding is done right, it can benefit the retailer for years to come.

Here are some of the add-on benefits that many retailers might overlook:

  • This is the opportunity for a retailer to showcase their business.
  • A happy bride and groom will be delighted to refer their friends to your retail business!
  • That bride and groom that you just provided beautiful flowers for their wedding will hopefully have many happy anniversaries for many years to come.
  • How are you capturing that information in your database so that you are reminding the bride and the groom that their anniversary is coming up (maybe a week or two before the actual date?
  • Both the bride and the groom have birthdays. How have you captured that information?
  • What about Valentine’s Day and all other holidays?
  • What about the in-laws? When are their birthdays and anniversaries?

Bottom Line

The more you learn about your customers (do you have customer profiles on every customer?) and the better you are at recording the information you gather, the more money you will add to your bottom line… Year after year after year!

Barry Gottlieb is the Sales Director at Equiflor Corp. and the founder of the Winners Edge Organization and Coaching Program. He is both a life and a business coach with a successful practice offering counsel and guidance to individuals and corporations. Visit his blog at

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