Benefits of Greenhouse Grown Delphinium

Growing delphinium in the open fields creates problems in production reliability. Farmers are faced with unstable weather conditions including excessive rain and strong winds that may topple taller plants. These and other obstacles interrupt crop cycles and make product reliability difficult to gauge.

What’s the solution to this problem? Bring delphinium crops in-house to a greenhouse! By protecting plants from the elements, greenhouse grown crops yield higher productions, thus increasing fulfillment of orders.

We recently began growing Rio Blue Delph in greenhouses. In order to protect crops from the elements and provide consist air flow, our delphinium greenhouses have no covered walls. Today, 80% of Rio Blue is greenhouse grown and since the implementation of this method, farmers have seen marked improvement in crop cycles and are able to better manage production. This consistency in production translates to a reliable source of delphinium. Moreover, greenhouse grown Rio Blue feature these benefits:

  • Longer spikes
  • More blooms per spike
  • Minimal shedding
  • Deeper and more vibrant color

Currently, we are the largest and only greenhouse Rio Blue Delphinium grower in Ecuador and because the farm sits higher than most (at 10,000 feet elevation) the nights are cooler and better for growing delphinium.

We urge you to share these facts with your customers and try Rio Delphinium today!

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