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True Cost of Online Flowers

This is an interesting article that discusses the true cost of ordering flowers online.  Even more reasons to buy from a local florist! Read the article here.

Create Value!

Bruce Hastings from Cleveland Plant & Flower Co. knows how important VALUE is.  Take a look at this article from his February newsletter.  Great job, Bruce! Greetings,  Ok, it’s February and time for a pop quiz. What is the largest volume flower holiday annually? Answer: Mother’s Day. What day does Mother’s Day fall on every […]

Valentine’s Day In Action!

Your Valentine’s Day flowers are in the best hands with Equiflor! These pics will take you on a our of our state-of-the-art, 40,000 square foot cooler .  See how we maximized for efficient shipping and receiving as well as optimal care and handling of your flowers.

Welcome to Rio Roses University!

This is our new Rio Roses University blog.  Rio Roses University was originally developed by us as a way to educate wholesale and retail florists.  This blog brings training and flower education to all wholesalers and retailers in the flower business.  Feel free to comment, post, and share your ideas with us!