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Benefits of Greenhouse Grown Delphinium

Rio Blue Delph growing in Ecuador

Growing delphinium in the open fields creates problems in production reliability. Farmers are faced with unstable weather conditions including excessive rain and strong winds that may topple taller plants. These and other obstacles interrupt crop cycles and make product reliability difficult to gauge. What’s the solution to this problem? Bring delphinium crops in-house to a […]

Orange roses on Valentine’s Day Fashion Show

Welcome to the last day of our video series, “Valentine’s Day Fashion Show.” Today, we feature Rio Oranges. We want to thank everyone for watching our video series and we want to know what you think! Where these videos helpful? What would you like to see more or less of? Post your comments below. We […]

Yellow roses on Valentine’s Day Fashion Show

Don’t forget your friends this Valentine’s Day! In today’s episode of our video series, “Valentine’s Day Fashion Show,” Raul Marrero discusses Yellow, Lavender, and Bi-Color roses. So many roses, so little time… Be sure to come back tomorrow for the last episode of this series and who knows, there may even be a link to […]

Pink Roses on Valentine’s Day Fashion Show

Welcome back to day 3 of our Rio Roses video series “Valentine’s Day Fashion Show.” Today we feature Light Pinks, Hot Pinks, Novelty Pinks, and Pink Bi-Colors. Need a great substitute for the sold-out Sweet Unique? Curious on what the best-selling hot pink variety is in Europe? Raul Marrero answers these questions and many more […]

Rio Rose Fashion Show Features White Roses

Thanks for watching yesterday’s “Valentine’s Day Fashion Show” featuring Red roses.  Today we continue the Fashion Show with  White, Cream, Green and Bi-Color roses.  See the show-stopping rose varieties that are sure to please the pickiest of customers. Have questions about any of these varieties? Post your questions or comments below! Come back tomorrow where […]

Corazón: Winner of Best in Class SAF 2010

A heart stopping red rose! Corazon Features: Rio Roses has the Ecuador exclusive for growing Corazón. Ecuador’s climate produces superior bloom size and overall quality. Bright Red, lighter than Freedom and Forever Young, similar in color to Charlotte – the perfect red! Much larger blooms and consistent throughout each bunch, average bloom size is 2.4 […]

Rio Roses Varieties & Substitutes

Can’t find the variety you’re looking for? Use this handy Variety & Substitute Guide to help you find the best options! Red Charlene Charlotte Freedom  Forever Young Rogue Baiser  Tinto Black Magic  Sexy Red  Substitutes Charlotte, Freedom or Sexy Red Charlene, Freedom or Sexy Red Charlene, Forever Young, Sexy Red or Tinto Freedom, Sexy Red […]