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Benefits of Greenhouse Grown Delphinium

Rio Blue Delph growing in Ecuador

Growing delphinium in the open fields creates problems in production reliability. Farmers are faced with unstable weather conditions including excessive rain and strong winds that may topple taller plants. These and other obstacles interrupt crop cycles and make product reliability difficult to gauge. What’s the solution to this problem? Bring delphinium crops in-house to a […]

Re-Connect with your Customer

Re-connect with your Customer

When was the last time you looked at the sales trend of your best customers?  First, you have to be aware of where you stand with all your customers. Your sales associates have to know the numbers and ask for help when they have no answer. You may say, we don’t have the time, and […]

Tips for Writing a Good Mother’s Day Ad

Happy Mother's Day!

How many times have you seen a Mother’s Day advertisement that said something like “Don’t forget your Mother’s Day flowers,” or “Buy Mom Flowers for Mother’s Day”? Does it catch your attention? Does it make you want to buy your Mom flowers? Probably not. If a florist plans to invest time and money into advertising, […]

Rio Rose Fashion Show Features White Roses

Thanks for watching yesterday’s “Valentine’s Day Fashion Show” featuring Red roses.  Today we continue the Fashion Show with  White, Cream, Green and Bi-Color roses.  See the show-stopping rose varieties that are sure to please the pickiest of customers. Have questions about any of these varieties? Post your questions or comments below! Come back tomorrow where […]

“Valentine’s Day Fashion Show” Video Series

Having trouble deciding which varieties to pre-book for this Valentine’s Day? Well, stick around this week for our video series showcasing approximately 60 rose varieties available for this Valentine’s Day. Join our VP of Sales & Marketing, Raul Marrero, as he hosts the Rio Roses “Valentine’s Day Fashion Show.” Here’s the schedule for our series:  Monday – Reds […]

What’s the Deal with Facebook?


Facebook Places and Deals  In November 2010, Facebook introduced Deals for businesses as a robust addition to its Places feature. Offering 4 different types of deals, Facebook allows you to reward new customers with in store coupons for checking-in at your location via Places. Businesses can also reward multi-check-ins to increase customer loyalty. Watch this […]

Location, Location, Location… 3 Social Networks that promote in-store traffic


If you are like many businesses, you’re looking for ways to turn your online fans into real consumers of your products and services. How can you maximize your bottom line with the help of social media? One way is to take advantage of location based social networks. We will look at 3 examples of such […]

Consumers Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Most consumers plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day in some way this year.  According to a study by the National Retail Federation… …  almost 60% of adults will celebrate Valentine’s Day. … the average adult buyer will spend about $70 on their significant other or spouse. … 33% of adult males will make a purchase at […]